An Unlikely Legend follows the stories of five unlikely companions in the tale of their destiny.
Lowe, a human rogue from the town of Rusal, Greven, trained under a mysterious stranger.
Radagast, the Wonderous, a human bard, from the town of Cordia, Greven who learned much of his stories from his father, practices war chants to aid his allies in a fight.
Akkan, a lizardfolk from a disgraced family from the Mishvaal Marshes of Greven seeks revenge against kobold-kind, and more importantly to prove himself better than his family.
Din Draug, a half-elven ranger from the town of Azbar, Iiloham has traveled most of his life and learning skills on the road.
Nessis, a tiefling sorcerer slave born in the metropolis: Xevoca, Iiloham earned her freedom by killing her master. She desires one thing above all else, the power to rain vengeance on all of humanity

An Unlikely Legend